Avicii’s official website has recently been turned by his family into a digital memorial where fans can pay tribute!

The official website of Avicii, the late EDM star (http://avicii.com/) has recently been metamorphosed by his family into a kind of a digital memorial, “The Avicii Memory Board”, where fans from around the globe can contribute their share of tributes, messages & memories of the musician.

Visit the website to add your message!

Here are screenshots of some messages fans have shared on the website :

Anyone who’s ever heard Avicii’s music was exceedingly shocked when news of the artist’s death surfaced the media. That was the thing about Avicii’s music, it wasn’t like any other music you hear, enjoy & forget the next moment. For some reason, most of his songs had the uncanny ability to enthral & create a space in your heart.

I still remember the first time I heard of Avicii. I remember turning on VH1 one drowsy afternoon of 2011 & finding myself strangely attracted to “Levels”. It wasn’t like I hadn’t heard EDM before that moment, but ‘Levels’ seemed so different.

And it wasn’t until I heard “Wake me up” in 2013 that I actually turned into a fan. Up until then, I had only liked his music. ‘Wake me up’ connected to my 15 year old soul like no other song. The song & its lyrics captured the growing pains of those fast flying teenage years with such finesse, it perfectly conveyed everything I was feeling in those years. It was the ideal soundtrack throughout my teenage years.

In a huge blow to everyone, he died on 20 April 2018 at the mere age of 28. It was later revealed that the musician died from self inflicted wounds & cuts from a broken wine bottle. An unsettling shock to all his fans around the world & even his friends, none could have thought that the musician was in dire need of help & could have even driven to taking his own life.

It’s so difficult to tell that someone can be in need of help. This was Avicii’s last post on Instagram, posted just days before he committed suicide.

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