Into “Kidding”, the new T.V. show by the director of ‘Eternal Sunshine’ & its epic one take scene!

Right off the bat, if you need a reason to watch “Kidding”, good news, there’s actually two.

  1. The show marks Jim Carrey’s return to Television.
  2. It is directed by Michel Gondry, the man behind “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, the beloved movie that can easily said to be one of everyone’s favourite movies

And fairly enough, these were sufficient for me to give “Kidding” a shot.

Script wise, ‘Kidding’ comes with a fresh story that articulates a man’s inner conflict as his life is falling apart. Jim Carrey portrays the role of Jeff, a famous icon of children’s T.V. loved & adored by kids & parents alike around the country.

Onscreen, Jeff is the beloved jolly presenter called Mr. Pickles of his children’s T.V. show “Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time”. But his life off screen is on a rather downward spiral as he is struggling to keep it together.

Just a year ago, Jeff had lost one of his twin sons in a car accident, following which his wife has separated from him & his only alive son has turned against him. He’s moved from the family house and now lives alone in a dingy apartment.

As his family falls apart, the kind soul discovers that no puppet fable can guide him through this collapse & slowly loses grip over his sanity. It is just as hilarious as heartbreaking it is as the world’s most cheerful man struggles to deal with his negative emotions & grief in real.

The show so successfully manages to be dark & humorous at the same time, it’s almost a tragic-comedy.

‘Kidding’ is a lot more complex & dark than I can explain here. It unweaves the crevices in this noble man’s psyche in a humorous fashion that is heart wrenching simultaneously, a challenge that requires significant genius talent.


Jeff, as the presenter of the kid’s show is the hero of every kid in the country & a pillar of strength & kindness. For everyone who grew up watching him, he is an essential part & a fond memory of their childhood.

This particular scene from Episode 3 reaffirms the magnitude of his onscreen persona’s influence. The entire scene is taken in one continuous shot as a montage of a woman, named Shania, as she goes from being a drug addict to a better new person over the course of five years. And it is an episode of Jeff’s show, “Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time” that ignites this transformation. It is incredibly shot & planned as in just a single shot of a minute & a half, a viewer gets to witness her world unfold. You see her life evolve as she renovates her house, starts exercising, gets a pupper (who is a grown up dog at the end of the montage), invites friends over & starts celebrating life.

The video below offers an insight into how the scene was shot. A side by side look shows you exactly how the scene was shot behind the camera & how it turned out on screen. No doubt it has gone viral on social media!

The scene was pulled together over the course of two weeks wherein it was choreographed & designed to build the performance. An entire day was dedicated to rehearsing the same. The set was physically transformed for carrying out the scene.

This is why I love films! Every film is an intricate collaboration of so many people who work together make it look effortless. Any one person messes their job, the entire deck falls off. The same is corroborated by the crew’s relieved uproar, cheers & applause at the end as they managed to pull off the scene!

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