Travel YouTuber & Vlogger “Travellight” recalls traumatizing trip to India

“I felt that it was right to share this, or rather, that it would be wrong to just sweep it under the rug & silence myself on this matter.”

 Jordan Taylor is a US based YouTuber with a channel named “Travellight” where she regularly uploads videos of her travelling adventures around the world. One of her most recent uploads on the channel is titled “This happened in India // Sexual Assault” where she recounts the harrowing experience she underwent while on a trip to India two months ago.

Jordan came to India on a 3 week trip along with her boyfriend, Livio.

She starts off her video by clearly stating that one horrible event does not represent the entire country. In fact, she’d put a text right at the beginning of the video itself mentioning that she found India to be a beautiful wonderful country she looks forward to visiting again in future, if not soon.

She describes her overall trip to India as great, filled with some amazing adventures & places. It wasn’t until they were approaching the end of the visit that the trip took a rather traumatising turn.

Since the five-star hotel they were staying in, gave out her personal information including her name & phone number to a stalker, they shifted to some other normal hotel in Delhi. Her boyfriend, Livio’s flight out was four days before hers as they both were travelling to different places after India.

She would see their shadows constantly outside her door, she’s even inserted a clip halfway through the video of their shadows. Since they were so desperately trying to make her let them in, she gets emotional thinking that something very bad would have happened if they got in. This ordeal continued for two days.

She’d noticed over the course of those days that the shadows wouldn’t be present very early in the morning, so she finally left the hotel for the airport super early in the morning after two days. She experienced panic attacks following the escape at several airports & flights fearing that she’d be trapped again.

Jordan hopes for her video to send out some sort of a message to other women that they’re not alone, they can talk about it & most importantly, speak up.


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