Why Formals are actually Devils-in-Disguise that should NOT be imposed as strict dress codes!

A very honest & serious question, why do formals even exist? Like honestly, I want to know the origin of formal clothes! How one of the most uncomfortable & stiff clothes ever, came into being as the staunch dress code at places where we work.

Yesterday, I had this amazing opportunity of wearing formal clothes for the very first time in my life. Well, not an opportunity, it was compulsory to wear formals, I had no other choice. And how I wish it was also the last time I had to wear formals.

To say that they were uncomfortable is a major understatement. I swear I couldn’t concentrate on the seminar for more than 11 seconds at a stretch at once. And I also couldn’t sit with my knees & legs making a normal 90 degree because guess what, I just couldn’t fold my knees.

The day before the seminar, we got a notification regarding our industrial trip saying that it was compulsory to wear formals for the visit. More than half the kids backed off after this notification. At that moment, I wondered why kids backed off entirely and everything made perfect sense when I wore formals myself.


Here’s why they should be banned or at least, NOT made compulsory for Beyonce’s sake!
  1. They are uncomfortably uncomfortable.

  1. Considering that a normal work day consists of 8-10 hours, isn’t it imperative that employees be allowed to wear something comfortable to work?

  1. Right to Freedom, duh!  We should be allowed to wear what we want as long as it’s not too casual for an official corporate set up.

  1. Convenience. No explanation needed. And don’t forget the convenience of cost, everyone knows how cheap & easy to maintain formals are :)

  1. The coming generation of workers will consist of the youngest core of millennials & the Gen-Z’s. These people don’t believe in strict dress codes at all, they’re actually pretty expressive. Their personality & individuality is key to them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  2. If you look at the biggest & fastest growing companies today, they are driven by innovation, creative inputs, & young talent & none of them have rigid formal dress codes.                                                                                                                                                                                             
  3. And I hope these corporates ain’t gonna ignore the fact that people come to work after travelling for a solid 2-3 hrs each day. Travelling in those jam packed metros & getting through Rajiv Chowk isn’t an easy feat. It’s the survival of the fittest.

So, here’s the deal then, why on the face of mama Earth are “strict formals” still a ‘strict dress code’ at almost all interviews & workplaces? F***in’ devils-in-disguise.

Disclaimer : And I know formals come in various types, but the ones I wore & every other kid around me wears for college placements were legit satanic! Peace!


Akshay below shows exactly what I want to do to them when I’m wearing one :

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