Why Pewdiepie will still be the King of YouTube even if he loses to T-Series?

In 2013, ‘Pewdiepie’ became the most subscribed channel on YouTube. Run by a Swedish man named Felix Kjellberg, 5 years later, Pewdiepie is still the most subscribed channel on YouTube with over 66 million subscribers.

It wasn’t until last month that T-Series came out of nowhere in talks for rapidly advancing close to dethroning Pewdiepie from the top spot.

And no one was talking about T-Series till now because it literally came out of nowhere, considering the fact that it currently has 61 million subscribers and was standing at just 14 million in January 2017.

The question that remains here who will win this YouTube war that every media website’s been chattering about?

Truth told pretty logically, obviously T-Series will surpass Pewdiepie’s channel. It’s been growing at more than 4 million subs a month compared to Pewdiepie’s growth rate of 1 million subs per month.

But why isn’t anyone mentioning the fact that the comparison being made here makes no sense because of the kind of channels both are.

  1. T-Series is this mammoth of a business.

    T-Series, founded in 1983, is already an established giant corporation, that too a music record label and film production company. Comparing this big organisation, which was an already established name way before YouTube was even started, to an individual creator who’s the sole person running his channel since 2010 seems sorta, um, unfair. With its scale & size, T-Series has the ability & does upload more than 5-6 videos daily as compared to 1-2 by Pewds. Question being, can T-Series be considered an actual YouTuber?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  2. The type of content both channels create & cater to differs greatly.

    T-Series posts elaborately produced music videos & film trailers with monstrous budgets while Pewdiepie’s videos are mostly filmed & shot in his one room studio where he is the only person engaging in front of the camera. Obviously, music videos & film trailers attract higher viewership. You can’t compare a music channel+company to a gaming+comedy channel where a single person is responsible for providing you entertainment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  3. Almost all of Bollywood’s music videos & trailers of its highest grossing films are uploaded on T-Series.T-Series is like India’s Vevo, except all the artists have a combined channel in contrast to individual Vevo channels of each artist. Imagine this situation by assuming all of your favourite artists’ music was uploaded on one single channel.

The music of more than half of Bollywood’s highest grossers of 2018 was uploaded on the T-Series channel. Obviously, in such a scenario, the debate going on about who will emerge as the ultimate winner seems fairly pointless because even if T-Series were to surpass Pewdiepie as the most subscribed channel, Pewdiepie, representing the legion of independent creators, will remain the unprecedented king of YouTube. And a king who respects ‘wamen’. Unless of course, another channel & a Youtuber in its true sense, comes close to his subscriber count.

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