If you’ve ever wanted to give a platform to your writings, have some people read it & tell you what they feel about it. You never know how something you’ve written can move people or give a voice to their story or make them feel for you.

Don’t worry, we can publish your writings right here.

  • Your write up can be about almost anything under the sun, a personal life experience, poetry, personal opinions on anything or any news doing the rounds.
  • Just mail us your writing at contactpurplehue@gmail.com with the subject “Write up submission”.
  • Send in your write up as an attachment in the mail. In the body of the mail, mention the name of the author as well, can be your original name or any pen name you’ve given yourself or you can go anonymous as well.
  • Make sure to send only your personal original work & cite any sources, if used.

If your write up touches our hearts or fits in the with current needs of this blog, we’ll publish it here on this website itself. Will reply to your mail if we’ll publish it :)